Recent Scholarship

My most recent publication, which I wrote with Drs. Sandra Thomas, Kathy Greenberg, and Howard Pollio: “Hearing the Voices of Students and Teachers: A Phenomenological Approach to Educational Research.” In this article we detail the methodological procedures of phenomenology as practiced at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

My most recent solo publication: Phenomenology and Qualitative Data Analysis Software: A Careful Reconciliation. In this article, published in Forum: Qualitative Social Research, I stake out a middle ground between phenomenologists, who in the tradition of Heidegger consider technology dehumanizing, and software developers, who at times imply anyone who refuses to use QDAS is a luddite.

My most recent conference paper: “Remembering and Un-Forgetting with Existential Phenomenological Pedagogy” Phenomenological Pedagogy AESA final. In this short paper, presented at the American Educational Studies Association’s annual conference in Pittsburgh, I shared elements of an existential phenomenological pedagogy that is in development with The University of Tennessee’s Phenomenology and Existentialism in Education Research (PEER) group.