Recent Scholarship

My co-authors and I are proud to announce the release of our book, The Phenomenological Heart of Teaching and Learning: Theory, Research, and Practice in Higher Education. In it Kathy and Neil Greenberg, Sandra Thomas, John Smith, and I present a carefully constructed framework for teaching and learning informed by philosophical and empirical foundations of phenomenology. Based on an extensive, multi-dimensional case study focused around the ‘lived experience’ of college-level teaching preparation, classroom interaction, and students’ reflections, this book presents evidence for the claim that the worldviews of both teachers and learners affect the way that they present and receive knowledge. By taking a unique phenomenological approach to pedagogical issues in higher education, this volume demonstrates that a truly transformative learning process relies on an engagement between consciousness and the world it ‘intends’.

My most recent publication, which I wrote with Drs. Sandra Thomas, Kathy Greenberg, and Howard Pollio: “Hearing the Voices of Students and Teachers: A Phenomenological Approach to Educational Research.” In this article we detail the methodological procedures of phenomenology as practiced at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

My most recent solo publication: Phenomenology and Qualitative Data Analysis Software: A Careful Reconciliation. In this article, published in Forum: Qualitative Social Research, I stake out a middle ground between phenomenologists, who in the tradition of Heidegger consider technology dehumanizing, and software developers, who at times imply anyone who refuses to use QDAS is a luddite.

My most recent conference paper: “Remembering and Un-Forgetting with Existential Phenomenological Pedagogy” Phenomenological Pedagogy AESA final. In this short paper, presented at the American Educational Studies Association’s annual conference in Pittsburgh, I shared elements of an existential phenomenological pedagogy that is in development with The University of Tennessee’s Phenomenology and Existentialism in Education Research (PEER) group.