Recent Scholarship

My most recent publication is a slice of my dissertation in which I detail the progression of changes experienced by students in a unique graduate seminar taught using a phenomenological approach. The students began the course seeing the diversity of their classmates in a superficial way. Their awareness of the differences (and similarities) deepened over time as they saw how backgrounds and other experiences affected perception. Finally, a semester of listening to each other’s stories spurred deep changes in the way they oriented to others and difference in general. For example, one third of course participants attributed their ability to listen to others in the face of disagreement to the other students in the course. I wrote a little more about it here.

My second-most recent publication is a book chapter written with Dr. Sultana Shabazz that uses the context of an educational program in a women’s prison to discuss the constraints we all face when attempting to act on our critical thinking. Many thanks to Drs. Becky Noel Smith and Randy Hewitt for working with us to include this piece in their book.

My co-authors and I are proud to announce the release of our book, The Phenomenological Heart of Teaching and Learning: Theory, Research, and Practice in Higher Education. In it Kathy and Neil Greenberg, Sandra Thomas, John Smith, and I present a carefully constructed framework for teaching and learning informed by philosophical and empirical foundations of phenomenology. Based on an extensive, multi-dimensional case study focused around the ‘lived experience’ of college-level teaching preparation, classroom interaction, and students’ reflections, this book presents evidence for the claim that the worldviews of both teachers and learners affect the way that they present and receive knowledge. By taking a unique phenomenological approach to pedagogical issues in higher education, this volume demonstrates that a truly transformative learning process relies on an engagement between consciousness and the world it ‘intends’.

A piece I worked on in 2016 with Drs. Patti Dunn, Anne Skutnik, and Christie Patti was published in Action in Teacher Education and won the Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Article. It was titled “Disdain to acceptance: Future teachers’ conceptual change related to data driven decision making.”