One Semester In

It was hard work, buddy. Same as teaching during grad school: everything is fine until about the middle of October. Then it’s in the weeds, slammed. All the digital communication that makes some things so easy makes grading and assignments and organization chaotic. Carson Newman uses some archaic “learning management system” called Edvance 360 and, […]

Feedback, Dreaded Feedback

DEALING WITH FEEDBACK You have received feedback on your work. I have received feedback on my work. It can be tough. When I get an email from a journal I’ve submitted to my heart beats faster and I have to tell myself to wait. I think of all the things that are good in my […]

Merleau-Ponty, Intentionality, and the Classroom

I’m listening to Bakewell’s The Existentialist Cafe. In it she has a chapter on Merleau-Ponty. I’m trying to figure out intentionality and its relation to MP’s being in the world: MP says, more or less, my limitations are my situation, my home, my vista. I am me and me is I. Am I a co-creator […]

Taylor 2014: Empathy as Cure-All

Just resubmitted an article based on my dissertation: “Coming to Appreciate Diversity: Ontological Change Through Student-Student Relationships.” It focuses on the ways students in a unique graduate seminar become more open through listening to the personal stories other students shared in the course. It was recommended I add clarity, as one may expect, but the […]

Reading: Robertson 2017

“Testimonial Virtue” In this article the author discusses the idea of testimonial virtue, which is a moral stance one takes on accepting and rejecting testimonials. She stakes out an Aristotelian middle ground between gullibility and skepticism. The paper was delivered as the Kneller Lecture, apparently at an AESA meeting.