Beds Are Burning

“No further proof is required, since the search for proof is already contaminated by an unwillingness to acknowledge the hyperobject [anthropogenic climate change].” T. Morton, Hyperobjects. Ascertain causality while the oceans rise, the forests burn, the floods rage? Think carefully before you rush into traffic to save the errant child? No, follow Nike’s advice, with […]

A Toy from McDonald’s

Derrida has it right, this toy is not just a toy. Buddhists, too. This toy is composed of a whole bunch of non-toy things. This particular toy is a thing that is so many things. It’s plastic. Its microplastics. It’s mass production. It’s pollution. It’s waste. It’s capitalism. It’s overproduction. It’s the gyre in the […]

Behavior ≠ Meaning

CATEGORY: Everyone knows this but doesn’t KNOW this. People do and say various things they don’t mean. Maybe some people are trying to deceive others. Students in class nod to show the teacher they know when in fact they do not: they lie with their behavior. Maybe someone said something that came out the wrong […]


At a recent department meeting we voted to align our grading scales. That means we decided that to achieve a grade of A, a 93% average of all course work would be required. An 85% average would yield a B, 75% a C, and on down the line. There was not much debate, but some […]

Adding a Preposition

I wait until it’s quite late, for my neighborhood, 11pm or so, to walk my anxiety-ridden dog. I want my walks to be relaxing, and if I go out earlier she will bark at anyone and anything that moves. Incessantly. Shrilly. Irritatingly. There are enough nerves with the pandemic, so I walk late. I try […]

Don’t Worry.

When I was in the fourth grade at a school in Flagstaff, AZ, they played Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” over the loudspeaker EVERY MORNING. Perhaps you surmise from the capital letters that the song did not have its intended effect. I was a worrisome and superstitious 9 year old. I wore a cross […]