Proud Dad/Learning Dad

One day this summer I took my kids out climbing. Thanks to some friends with keen (obsessive) eyes for rock, I was alerted to some boulders on a strange little greenway installed next to some office parking lots. The boulders range in size from a foot up to around 10 feet. They are limestone, cut […]

Risks of Empathy (Megan Boler)

Empathy has been the buzz for a while. I already wrote about it once on this blog. It’s a word on a lot of people’s lips. Sympathy has been relegated to being an almost derogatory thing that people who are jerks do. Really they need to step up and be EMpathetic. Empathy is big in […]

Following Up to “Nowhere to Go”

I wrote a paper with my friend Sultana about critical thinking in prison called “Critical Thinking with Nowhere to Go.” She teaches in a women’s prison and I was struck by the fact that, while Sultana was teaching social theory to her students, they faced penalties for praxis, putting their new knowledge into practice. The […]

The Fear-Inspiring T

Among my students, few school diversity topics are more intimidating than transgender students. L, G, B, and even Q seem less unsettling. It’s tough, I think, for teachers to think of children’s bodies at all. To acknowledge their bodies raises contradictions for them as they talk about loving and caring for kids and making a […]

A Bad Idea

Sometimes I get on fire with an idea and I start pushing it out there and lo and behold it is totally stupid. Consequences come with stupidity, but so do lessons. This particular bad idea was inspired by a will to do some kind of good towards the equity of public school funding. I just […]

Beds Are Burning

“No further proof is required, since the search for proof is already contaminated by an unwillingness to acknowledge the hyperobject [anthropogenic climate change].” T. Morton, Hyperobjects. Ascertain causality while the oceans rise, the forests burn, the floods rage? Think carefully before you rush into traffic to save the errant child? No, follow Nike’s advice, with […]