Individual Rights and Wisconsin v. Yoder

In 1972 the Supreme Court ruled that the Amish would be exempt from a state law requiring children to attend school until the age of 16. I learned of the case while reading the indispensable Schoolhouse Gate by Justin Driver. The case raises difficult questions despite its 7-0 ruling. At the time, the Amish were […]

Beds Are Burning

“No further proof is required, since the search for proof is already contaminated by an unwillingness to acknowledge the hyperobject [anthropogenic climate change].” T. Morton, Hyperobjects. Ascertain causality while the oceans rise, the forests burn, the floods rage? Think carefully before you rush into traffic to save the errant child? No, follow Nike’s advice, with […]

A Toy from McDonald’s

Derrida has it right, this toy is not just a toy. Buddhists, too. This toy is composed of a whole bunch of non-toy things. This particular toy is a thing that is so many things. It’s plastic. Its microplastics. It’s mass production. It’s pollution. It’s waste. It’s capitalism. It’s overproduction. It’s the gyre in the […]


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