School Choice, He Says

“The President was exactly right tonight to remind the nation of his call to expand education freedom,” DeVos said in a statement. “I look forward to continuing to work with Congress on ways to give students opportunities to pursue the education that engages their curiosity, unlocks their creativity and empowers them to reach their fullest […]

Education and the Surveillance State

Not to feed anti-government paranoia or anything, but the panopticon is in full symbolic effect in most public school classrooms and schools. Here I write specifically of one area of surveillance: testing. It was a quote from Foucault related to “examinations” in an article lead authored by Michelle Fine that opened me up to the […]

Venturing Out as a Parent

I’ve been looking at old slides from when I spent 7 months in South America, mainly Chile, Peru, and Argentina. I’ve noticed things like how much higher quality slide film images are compared to iPhone pictures and also how much less grey hair I had. I’ve been considering the level of risk I was comfortable […]

Critical Critical Thinking

We need all the help we can get these days with our critical thinking. Propaganda is everywhere. Over-thinking has its problems, I know. Analysis paralysis is a thing, I feel it. Like every day. But on all kinds of levels I think that the opposite problem is more common these days with the 24-hour infotainment […]